911 Addressing

Jessica Haile, 9-1-1 Coordinator
Burnet County Addressing Office



Due to the high volume of address requests, incomplete requests will not be processed
Please allow 14-21 BUSINESS DAYS for all addressing requests to be processed. This includes address assignments, changes, verifications, & letter replacements.

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  • Annex on the Square
    133 E. Jackson Street, Room 107
    Burnet, Texas 78611

    Jessica Haile - 9-1-1 Coordinator 
    Email: bc911@burnetcountytexas.org
    (512) 756-5458   

    Brett Poage - Administrative Coordinator
    Email: bc911asst@burnetcountytexas.org
    (512) 756-5445    

    8:00 am - 5:00 pm Mon - Fri 

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Burnet County does not assign 9-1-1 Addresses to vacant lots or undeveloped properties; only STRUCTURES or DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS.  If you are ready to have utilities installed, or plan to start building your structure within the next six months you may apply for an address.  Address numbers are assigned based on the driveway location and structure location. 
*If you have recently purchased or been given a PORTION of a larger property, please submit a copy of the approved Exemption or Variance Form with your application. *(See below: Subdivision Regulations - also available in the Helpful Links List)*


*ALL NEW ADDRESSES OFF OF A COUNTY ROAD OR TXDOT ROAD MUST RECEIVE DRIVEWAY APPROVAL BY THE COUNTY COMMISSIONER FOR THAT ROAD OR TXDOT BEFORE AN ADDRESS WILL BE ASSIGNED. The signed/approved form MUST be submitted (by you, NOT by your commissioner) WITH your application.  The DRIVEWAY ACCESS FORM must be signed by your Commissioner or his/her representative and submitted BY YOU as part of the application process. (If your commissioner submits your paperwork, this will result in delays.)

For COUNTY ROAD driveway approval, fill out this form: DRIVEWAY/ACCESS APPLICATION, and contact your County Commissioner to schedule an inspection. Click this link to open a Burnet County PRECINCT MAP. (Click the colored box in the legend in the bottom right hand corner that corresponds to your commissioner to email them regarding Driveway Approval.) 

For driveway approval on a Farm to Market (FM), Ranch Rd (RR), or State Highway (SH) please contact Brad Neely, with TxDOT at Bradley.neely@txdot.gov or call 512-756-2315.  


To apply for a 911 Address, please follow these steps:

(Only the property owner or owner's agent may apply for a 9-1-1 Address.)

STEP 1:  Fill out this 9-1-1 Address Request Form using your PC, tablet, or phone for EACH address you are wanting assigned. Be sure to SAVE the completed application to make sure you don't send a blank document. Burnet County Property IDs can be found on your tax records with the Central Appraisal District using their link:   https://propaccess.trueautomation.com/clientdb/?cid=85 .
         ***Applications that are missing the PROPERTY ID will NOT be processed***

STEP 2:  We MUST see an overhead image of where your driveway will be located and where your structure will sit with respect to the driveway and property lines. If your property fronts more than one street, please indicate which street the main entry of your structure faces. This image submission is REQUIRED. Your application will not be processed if this information is missing. (A photograph of your gate or driveway will not be accepted as it does not provide any useful reference to property boundaries.) 


  • a.  You can use a copy of a survey and hand draw the driveway and proposed structure.
  • b.  You can use Google Earth to create a map with actual flags and markers. 
  • c.  You can use the MAP for your property on the Burnet CAD and draw the driveway/structure.
  • d.  You can hand draw the entire map.

STEP 3:Email the application, your image and all the supporting documents to the Addressing Coordinator. The email address you will send it in to is on the Address Request Form:  bc911@burnetcountytexas.org.  We strongly encourage emailing your request in, but if that is not possible you can mail it in or drop it off in our office.

Allow 14-21 business days from the date your completed application is received for us to process your request. 

***If you submit a request without all of the required information, your request will not be processed***


Helpful Links:

Subdivision Regulations- View highlighted sections to see what qualifies as a subdivision, the definition of a "flag lot", and what is required to file for an exemption or variance.