On-Site Sewage Facilities (OSSF)
Development Permits
Burnet County requires building and septic permits
This page will guide you through the basic permitting process.  Please follow the steps below to obtain your building/development or Septic/On Site Sewage Facility Permits.  Please discuss who will obtain permits with your builder or septic installer because supporting documentation will be required. Incomplete permit application packets will not be accepted or processed.
STEP 1:  You must apply for a 9-1-1 Address for any new residence or business project before you can apply for any permits.  To apply for a 9-1-1 Address please follow this link:  http://burnetcountytexas.org/page/environ.9-1-1.addressing and follow the directions.
STEP 2:  You must have a Building Permit in order to get a Septic/OSSF Permit.  To apply for a Building Permit please fill out this application:  BUILDING APPLICATION .  There are 2 types of Building Permits: Class A is "outside" of any flood hazard area and Class B is "in" a Designated Flood Hazard Boundary; both Class permits require the same one page application.   
CLASS A - The cost of the Class A Permit is $25 and only requires the application and payment.  (No Inspections required for the structure)

CLASS B (Flood Zone) - The cost of the Class B Permit is $400 and will require the application, payment, Elevation Certificate from your surveyor or Letter From your engineer, and/or a site plan showing the flood zone.

**Call 512-756-5445 to verify if your property is in or out of the Flood Hazard**

Mail in your completed application along with a check made payable to BURNET COUNTY to:

BURNET COUNTY DEVELOPMENT SERVICES                                                                                         220 220 S. PIERCE ST.
BURNET, TX 78611 

Or email your completed application and scanned supporting documents to  ccline@burnetcountytexas.org.  Include your phone number so that we can contact you for payment once we have processed your application.

STEP 3:  (SEPTIC/OSSF PERMITS) In most cases the licensed septic installer you have chosen will submit the septic application and supporting documents for you.  If not, there are several documents we will need from the Licensed Installer and/or Licensed Site Evaluator included with your application:  Site Evaluation (Performed by Licensed Site Evaluator that you or your installer choose), Drawing or Design of the proposed septic system, any filed affidavits or maintenance contracts required for the type of system being installed.  There are many types of septic systems and the Site Evaluation will determine what type of system can be installed on your property.  The cost of the permit for most systems is $250.  The cost of a permit for an aerobic system is $400.

If you are personally obtaining a Septic/OSSF permit, please fill out the following application   SEPTIC/OSSF APPLICATION and mail it in with the required documents and correct fee (Payable to Burnet County) to the same address as above.  Or email it to the same email as above. You can send the Building Application and the Septic/OSSF Application together in the same envelope or email.

**The fees listed are for the application and are non-refundable**

All major credit cards are accepted and there is a transaction fee for this service.